Happy Dogs and Clients

Mike is spectacular with my puppy and training techniques work very quickly. My puppy was not behaving or listening and after one session our puppy started listening and behaving. We are on our fourth session and ur puppy is listening with hand commands and be having well. I would recommend him to anyone he and dogs connect. A real dog whisperer.

William Dodge Sr

Mike can work with the most challenging dogs. I have a high energy, highly intelligent, large, strong willed and dominate Bernedoodle. After 4 lessons Mike managed to create an alignment between myself and my dog. I now understand the pack language and the importance of taking a strong leadership role. I know if future adjustments are needed, Mike is just a phone call away!

Deborah Buckley

I have the highest regard and admiration for Mike. You and your dog couldn’t hope to find a better trainer. To help family members, I took on a dominant, 10 year old, Pomeranian (Reeses). He growls, shows teeth, guards food (the list continues). I was told multiple rescues/shelters declined to take him, so I was his last hope. I couldn’t bear the thought he might end up being euthanized, so I said yes but knew I needed help. I was impressed with Mike’s website. He returned my call the Same day (talked for over an hour and gave some wonderful tips to get me started). He came to assess Reeses the next day (more helpful hints). We did three classes in my home. Right away, you can see he loves dogs and is very knowledgeable and experienced with them. He was extremely patient with and kind to Reeses despite his bad behaviors. He trained my dog, but more importantly, he trained me to train my dog. He helped build my confidence which, in turn, helped to build Reeses trust and affection for me. We are a work in progress, but, Reeses is much loved and is in his forever home. My deepest gratitude to Mike.

Diane Fisher

I had the pleasure to work with Mike for several weeks with our Silky Terrier, Pixie. The first session he had my mouth dropped on the floor. He walked in the door with confidence and held his ground while our dog challenged him, repeatedly. He gave my husband and I invaluable knowledge that has changed the way we interact with our “little one.” We are continuing the training Mike has taught us and Pixie has been so much more behaved. No longer does she control our life, we have taken the control back. Thank you Mike for all your help and true talent!

Stephanie and Chris England

I am more than happy to share my experience with Michael Nappari, whom I believe is an exceptional person and a gentleman; but just as important, an exceptional teacher and friend to my four-footed children.

When I had the opportunity to get a 6 week old chocolate lab I truly did not realize just how energetic and BIG she was going to be. I soon realized I was going to have my hands full and was not sure just how I was going to proceed. I felt like I had met an angel when I heard about Michael. He was very prompt in returning my call and seemed to understand my problems perfectly. We made an appointment for him to come out to see me and Diana in person. I really appreciated the fact that he came out to see me so he could meet Diana and see for himself how Diana reacted on her “home turf”.

Michael was very patient with Diana and even though she was a little “shy” he approached her in such a way that she accepted him with open paws. Michael and I discussed just what behaviors I felt I needed from Diana. He was able to explain in terms I could understand what our training plan would be. He even provided excellent handouts for me to be able to read and use for my personal training guide. Michael was very patient with me and took the time to explain just how to work with Diana. It was amazing to see how Michael worked with Diana, and in turn, with me.

Diana was not exactly a “model” student, but Michael really made it look like “puppy play”. Diana still runs to the door to greet him when he comes, and I say that because I was so very pleased with the training with Diana that I had him come back to work with my older dog. My older dog was about 8 years old and was very set in his ways. Dee Dee had been having his way and had been very successful in training me and my son letting us know that he was “TOP” dog. I truly had very little confidence that Dee Dee was even trainable, but again Michael amazed me with his technique and Dee Dee is unbelievably becoming a real “Gentleman” dog.

I can totally recommend Michael to anyone who needs or just wants to have not only a well behaved dog but also a dog who is much more polite and fun to be with.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns about having their four footed child trained in a very professional and loving manner. I honestly believe even “The Dog Whisperer” would be proud!

Sue Waers

I emailed Central Mass Dog Training & Pet Services as a last resort. We honestly believed “Cooper” was beyond help. We rescued “Cooper” for an abusive home and since he entered our lives it was constant chaos. “Cooper” would jump on everyone, bark incessantly, run out of the house at any chance he had, and was showing signs of aggression. After he bit my husband we decided that was it, we had to get rid of him.

With a heavy heart I started researching pounds, shelters, and rescues but hit a road block every time due to his bite history. I realized our only option was to put him down. On a whim I googled “dog training athol massachusetts” and CMDTAPS came up. With much doubt I emailed Mike and told him of our situation. THAT DAY he called my husband and made arrangements to meet “Cooper” the next day.

Mike saw first hand we had a wild, out of control dog, who in fact was aggressive but also saw a glimmer of hope in “Cooper”. We signed up for an 8 week training course with the understanding that we may need MANY more weeks of training.

After the first class we noticed significant changes in “Cooper”. The dog who once nipped and growled at the drop of a hat was now calm and would not mouth at anything. After the second class, “Cooper” who would bounce of the walls, would now not only sit but stay on command. As the classes progressed we found we had a dog who thrives on obedience. He tries to be quite the people pleaser and shows off his sit, stay, come, find it, and down. He even rolls over!

The classes were a great pace, very detailed and Mike is an amazing trainer. He takes the time to understand your dog, what you want to work on, and runs with it. While he says we deserve the credit for how far “Cooper” has come, we give him all the credit and can’t be more thankful that we could give “Cooper” a forever home.

Sarah and Shaun LaPointe